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Ronan Blake

Ronan Blake is a lawyer at RPB Family Law. Ronan Blake helps individuals in Ottawa navigate their divorce and family law matters smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Family law is personal and it requires a lawyer with empathy, legal skill, experience, and strategic insight.


Ronan Blake concentrates his legal practice and work experience to family law matters. 

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Need advice on how the law impacts you or your family? Contact Ronan Blake for help.


Separation and Divorce can be difficult. A lawyer with professionalism and integrity helps. 

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Divorce is the official recognition of the end of a marriage. There are three grounds for Divorce in Canada. Contact Ronan Blake to see if you qualify for a divorce and what that means for your family.


You do not need to be divorced to qualify for child support, spousal support, or property division. Obtain legal advice to help understand your legal rights and obligations.

Child Support

There are a number of complex factors that can impact child support, including: custody arrangements, undue hardship, and hidden or unreported income. 

Spousal Support

After separation, you or your spouse may be eligible for spousal support. There are three types of spousal support: compensatory, non-compensatory, and contractual.  

Child Custody and Access

Your children are important and family law impacts them greatly. Whether custody and access issues are contested or amicable, I can help ensure their legal rights are protected. 

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements can significantly reduce the potential for future conflicts. Protect yourself and your assets.

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Contact an experienced, professional, and trustworthy family law lawyer to help navigate the legal system. 

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